Re: Packard 740 mystery

Posted by Tim Cole on 2022/5/16 15:31:23
Did George change that steering wheel or did it have that on it when he bought it?

I know at one time he put a veed radiator on it, and bolted a second transmission onto the back of the stock trans so he could have an overdrive. I think he also tried sealed beams inside the headlights.

He never changed the steering wheel on the Phaeton. However, that horn button and throttle plate is 7th series so that has me thinking he did that.

As well, what is going on with that shifter? The Phaeton shifter was stock.
I have seen several of those cars where they installed the 9th series four speed thinking no one would notice.

After bombing around in Billy Hirsch's 745 I'm a big fan of the 7th series trans. It's a totally awesome unit and I would never want anything else.

As well, there should be a number on the steering box and maybe he changed the whole thing. The trans went in the Phaeton and he put an 8th series trans in it.

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