Re: Packard 740 mystery

Posted by Tim Cole on 2022/5/16 20:04:19
Another thought on that roadster thing, underhood is a mess. I remember George had one of those carburetors and the only way to mount it would have been to cut up the manifold. We didn't do it. The vacuum tank in those pictures is a riot. Looks like it is being used to decant whiskey. And that manifold is missing a nut. I guess mechanically sorted means a fresh tank of gas. If it looks bad in pictures, it's really bad.

That place seems to send a lot of cars overseas. They had Kanter's car. I wonder what happened to that one? He told me he'd never sell it. I guess some Russian oligarch said sell or be poisoned. That was a good car. I hope they didn't tear it up just because they wanted a different color.

There is a lot of crooked money overseas. Maybe those guys think they can trade cars like stocks and use them as a laundry.

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