Cowl ventilator gasket or weatherstripping?

Posted by Ken_P on 2022/4/23 13:45:07
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So, in the quest to make it so that I can wash my car again without getting the interior all wet, I'm fixing some of the weather stripping on my 1937 120 touring sedan.

I ordered a cowl vent gasket from Steele rubber. What was on my very orginal, never restored car is rubber weather stripping on the body side. It was very petrified, but clearly attached to the depression in the body for the cowl vent.

What came from Steele appears to go on the cowl vent, vice laying down in the body cavity. Based on looking at the cowl vent, I don't think anything has ever been attached there, and I think the cowl vent would not lay flush with the body if I glued that gasket on.

I've looked through the parts manual (book calls for weather stripping, part number 308805) and the service counselors to see if this was a mid-year change or something, but didn't find anything.

Of course I noticed this on Friday night, so I can't call Steele or Max Merritt to see if they have any information on the difference.

Has anyone sourced the correct weather strip for the cowl vent that sits down in the body channel? If so, where did it come from?

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