Re: 1940 Packard 180 petronix

Posted by HH56 On 2022/5/7 18:07:45

John Iaccino wrote:
I had one on my 41 160. Works great if you have 6 volts to the coil. I ran a dedicated wire with a toggle switch from the battery to the coil.

Having a solid and stable 6v to the coil and module seems to be the secret with the Pertronix and so many issues with hard starting -- even with points -- can be traced to a dirty or falling apart electrical system. 6v ignition is not very forgiving and just a small amount of voltage drop can seriously weaken the spark. Almost all those who have reported issues with the 6v Pertronix had other varied problems that could be electrical while those who have reported no problems seem to have had a very well maintained car including the electrical system or had installed new wiring.

Running a short 14ga wire or maybe one step heavier wire directly from the battery terminal on the solenoid to the Pertronix module and coil might solve a lot of issues. It would be relatively easy to do a simple version as a trial following Mr. Iaccino's example. In the stock car the coil supply voltage goes thru about 10 ft of wire plus several terminal connections and the ign switch which is also feeding other items. If the trial provides better results, then for a permanent job the shorter the wire run the better so keeping a cut off device close to the coil would be better than running it inside. Leaving it a toggle switch in the engine compt is a bit awkward for turning off the engine though so a 6v relay could be installed instead. Use the old coil feed wire from the ign switch to power the 6v relay. Newark Electronics sells 6v automotive 30 amp cube type relays as does at least one of the wire loom suppliers.

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