Re: 1940 Packard 180 petronix

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2022/5/9 19:21:09
Okay, my '46 is hard to start if it's sat for a week or two. It'll fire right away on starter fluid, which I'm loathe to use because of potential cylinder wall scoring - or maybe that's some diesel engine myth, but anyway. My carb seems to lose fuel, as I have seen mentioned in above posts. My theory is, there's a fuel leak somewhere between the pump and the carb which allows the column to fall backward/down, and it has to crank too much to bring the column back to the carb. I'll investigate as soon as I get a chance.

Meanwhile, if the fuel thing isn't an issue, the the Pertronix ignition makes more sense and would require no extra wiring if the car fires off rather promptly, which mine does on restarts on the day it gets driven.

And maybe a hotter coil would help, too. Then the plug gap could be opened up a bit. Who knows, maybe the anvil gets perky in its old age.

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