Re: 1940 Packard 180 petronix

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/5/10 16:07:55
Listen to these guys. I bought a Pertronix unit for my '47's 356 20 years ago. My ex-War II motor pool chief, ex-Packard, Hudson, GM postwar dealership mechanic's mechanic took one look at it, pronounced it "Okie," his term for anything subpar, shoddy.

Stick with quality Echlin points, condenser from any NAPA store, make sure your coil's healthy, that there's no slop in your distributor bushing.

If you want a no-butchering improvement, get a six-volt, positive ground 55-amp bolt-in alternator from Jim's Battery Mfg., Youngstown, OH (800) 426-7580. Tell Jim and Dolores a pair of '47 Packard Super Clippers in Walnut Creek, CA and British Columbia sent you.

Easier starting, faster battery recovery, bright head and tail lights at dusk, night. Optima Red Top 6-volt batteries are best, 800 cold cranking amps enough for a Cad V-16. Got nearly a decade from my previous one, know of a '41 Cad that got 14 years.

Make sure you've got double aught (00) solid copper battery cables ends both crimped and soldered, that your battery disconnect switch rated higher than the amps your gear-reduction starter draws. We like the brass, marine grade Cole Hersee units from NAPA.

1940 Packards were the lightest, tho' "weight is the enemy" seems to be lost concept on most old domestic car owners, another reason for Optima and an alternator.

But skip the Pertonix, per the above gentlemen's experiences. With points, you can always limp home.

Dislike sounding like a broken record with the above, but have noted dear few here gathered bother to use the Search box at the above right of this terrific site's homepage, because all this has been covered in octuplicate on these knowledgeable forums.

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