Re: Detroit Model 51 carburetor - massive fuel leak

Posted by Greenfield on 2022/5/13 16:54:36
Yikes that is one helluva leak! Its almost as if there is no fuel bowl needle in there at all. I'm in agreement; perhaps the float is sunk or the needle is getting bound up somewhere.

I have an 8th series with a DL 51 (standard) and what I do after its been sitting a while is to prime the cylinders with a tablespoon of gasoline, then try to start it. Also, when starting, only hit the accelerator as the engine is turning over (right foot on the starter button, left foot working the gas pedal). If you hit the gas on an updraft carb absent starting, the fuel falls down and drains out and you loose the effectiveness of fuel vapor entering the cylinders, at least this has been my observation.

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