1937 Packard Headlamp Assembly Direction

Posted by Bob J On 2022/5/13 16:58:46
Hello all,
I am reverting my 1937 120C back to its proper reflector style headlamp from an attempted sealed beam conversion when the previous owner did it sometime in the 50's. Can anyone direct me as to how the reflectors assemble into the headlamps? I suspect that the reflectors go into the headlamp housings and are held in place by some sort of hardware, then you apply the cork gasket somehow. The lens is clipped into the bezel and that sub-assembly is positioned on the top tab and swung down and fastened in place by the one centre 8-32 screw. I have a cross sectional drawing in my owner's manual but under magnification it is just a black blob in the area I need to see the stack up of parts.
Thanks very much.
Bob J.

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