Re: Normal Compression Test Values for 1931 Super 8

Posted by GaryinSC on 2022/5/18 8:16:56
I redid my 32 Standard 8 engine with better compression numbers than yours. I suggest you pull the head and do a proper inspection of this engine. This will also give you the opportunity to mic the cylinder walls for out of round which is common. Marvel Mystery Oil is not the savior of theses engines and the oil is unlikely going to get the valves unstuck as most of it will go down the cylinders. Any attempt to start the car could result in a hydraulic lock up if all the oil is not out of the cylinders before you crank it. A routine valve job is in order here and was a very common repair at 50,000 miles back in the day. Packard engines run beautifully when in proper specs. This engine should have 85 lbs of compression across all cylinders as mine now does and it starts easily and idles smoothly something that I am sure you want in the end.

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