Re: Normal Compression Test Values for 1931 Super 8

Posted by Stephen Templeton on 2022/6/26 20:25:59
Here’s a quick update on my valve and compression situation. Over a period of several weeks, I’ve been squirting generous amounts of penetrating oil, WD-40, Gumout and Marvel Mystery oil around the valves through the spark plug hole. Initially, exhaust valves in cylinders 2,4 and 6 were hanging up. Cylinder 6 valve popped back down with gentle tapping on the valve head through the spark plug hole. Same with the valve in cylinder 2. Number 4 exhaust valve has been stubborn- didn’t budge with vigorous tapping through spark plug hole. Finally after several rounds of lubrication oils it finally released- still hangs up, but with a gentle tap , it pops down. I’m continuing to work it periodically and it is improving. Also, I’m starting to get some compression in cylinder 6.

Here is today’s video of a portion of the valve train in action. The far right valve is troublesome yet improved #4 exhaust valve- starting to show some limited movement and easily springs back in place with gentle tapping.

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