Re: Shifting 1205

Posted by glentre on 2022/5/23 12:36:32
Wanting to address you properly and confused by your user name, I clicked on your profile and hopefully assume your name is Owen. Surprised you're from NJ as I grew up there (West Orange) but have been in Virginia for the last 45 years.

Yes, I am quite comfortable double clutching and am relieved that I can continue to do that on the first to second gear change on my 1205 without damaging anything.

Your suggestions regarding lubricants is very helpful and I will take your advice to drain and replace the lube in the transmission and differential using the proper viscosity. I have detailed receipts and invoices for the parts and labor for a top and bottom engine rebuild done in 2013 and know the engine oil was replaced just before I bought the car so I'll hold off on dropping the pan for now. I'll also look at the other items you mentioned.

While I have owned several vintage cars, the Packard is all new to me and I will likely be posting more questions in the weeks to come. The quality of this car is impressive.

I appreciate your taking the time to help. Thanks


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