Re: Need 526 oil pressure/rpm values....

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2022/6/19 13:37:16
I wouldn't be concerned with road speed oil pressures of 50 or 55 psi. I've set my pressure relief valve on my '34 Eight to open at 55 psi which really only occurs prior to full warm-up. I believe that setting is in agreement with factory advice and I've been driving it that way since the early 1960s. My hot idling pressure is about 15-18 psi, road speed pressures with a hot engine at 45 mph is about 50 psi.

I suspect prolonged excessively high overpressures could conceivably burst pressurized internal oil passages in the aluminum crankcase, you read of this failure on rare occasion. And not applicable to your engine but in the case of 1934 and up senior engines, there are potentially dual risks of (a) bursting the full-flow oil filter cartridge at the seam, (b) causing failure of the heat exchanger core. Years ago I did burst one of Bob Turnquists repro L-6 oil filters. One hears occasional chatter about the possibility of 'hydro-erosion or hydro-blasting" of soft babbit bearing surfaces resulting from prolonger excessive pressure, though perhaps that was more speculation that actual observation, and perhaps unrealistically high pressures.

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