Re: Need 526 oil pressure/rpm values....

Posted by Tim Cole on 2022/6/20 10:04:58
The only internal oil passage in that motor is from the rear main to the rear cam bearing which then feeds the camshaft and the roller cam followers. The 11th series and later motors had the internal passages for filtration.

The only thing excessive oil pressure is going to do here is reduce taxable horsepower. I remember one 6th series standard 8 that went thousands and thousands of miles over the years with the oil pressure gauge pinned. It would go from Miami to New York City and back twice a year. That was during the 55 mph speed limit era. Can't do that today.

David is correct that you should only run the engine if you are going to drive the car somewhere. Garage running is setting up deposit formations, ring starvation, and stuck valves. Fuel stabilizer will prevent storage problems.

My choice would be to set the oil pressure to hit 50 psi at 40-45 mph and don't worry about the rest. It seems to me that motor is in very good condition.

Oh, and I notice in the picture above the throttle is not fully closed. They must have it that way to keep the water circulating in the hot motor.

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