Re: Packard-Kelch Ventilating Heater

Posted by HH56 on 2022/6/23 15:38:22
Interesting. The exchanger looks like a fairly beefy part but still not something likely to be that easily found today. Your article touched on the likelihood most of the original exchangers were sent to the junkyard and probably turned into tanks and airplanes back in the day or even later on, Toyotas. What are options if someone wanted to repair the exhaust and keep the heater or restore a car. Has anyone ever tried to convert a unit to something reusable that could be clamped back on like the replaceable element oil filters?

You article mentioned some of the bad aspects of the system such as the occasional dose of carbon monoxide or escaping loose thread of asbestos. Do you know if there was an option or if any other mfg ever brought the inside passenger air out to the blower for recirculation or was it always outside air. A continuous flow of eau de hot engine would seem to be another less than desirable feature.

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