Re: Head is off on 1931 Packard with poor compression

Posted by Stephen Templeton on 2022/8/5 8:33:31
We've decided to go with the new valves, both intake and exhaust. Although they are a bit loose, given the sticky valve problem with this engine and lack of oil pressure lubrication in the valve guides, the extra clearance will likely help us. Terry is lapping in the valves to the seats. As the engine deck has been cleaned up, an old weld repair is evident and appears to be intact. We pulled the anterior rockers/cam rollers, and except for a few old weld repairs, they appear just fine, without much wear. I don't think we're going to pull the rear rocker/rollers since we'd have to remove the exhaust down pipe to get them out. Finally, the head has been repainted and looks good.

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