Re: Safe Highway Speed

Posted by Peter Packard On 2022/8/1 3:38:03
It depends how much you want to be perceived as "Driving Miss Daisy". Driving poured bearing Packards over 55 is an accelerated bearing death without some form of OD or diff ratio change. I have a 1907 Triumph motorbike which is road registered and an absolute death trap to ride. It is fixed belt drive and has no clutch, no gearbox, negligible brakes and goes to 55 mph. A real adventure on the road. I have survived a few near fatal's on this beast. I also have a 533 with a 4.38 ( was 4.69 but fitted a 4.38). I don't take these vehicles on single lane roads anymore where you have a BMW X5 up your ass (Maybe 3 metres?). They don't care.

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