Super 8 Oil Screen

Posted by glentre On 2022/8/4 15:32:06
First time inspecting the pan oil screen in my 1936 super 8. Got the cover off ok but can't seem to get the screen out. It is loose and wobbly but I don't want to force anything without understanding just how it is supposed to come out. I was able to turn it slightly by hand as if it was meant to be unscrewed but then it met a lot of resistance and I immediately stopped. Luckily, it doesn't appear to have any sludge buildup at least on the half inch of screen bottom I can see without removing it. If there is no sludge on the screen when I finally get it off, should I drop the pan for a thorough inspection anyway? Bad things often happen when one tries to fix things that aren't broken and dropping the pan unnecessarily might be one of them. Suggestions from those who know?


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