Re: Super 8 Oil Screen

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2022/8/9 12:58:12
Tim Cole is one of those who could have answered your question with authority, not sure how he missed it as he's posting regularly. I thought about responding but it's just been to many years to trust my memory.

My faint recollection is that the pump intake screen is a snug friction fit on the pump body, certainly NOT screwed on. And I don't recall that it will fit out of the opening after the access plate has been removed, I seem to recall dropping the pan to remove the screen. I could be wrong, but that's what this old memory is telling me.

That your access plate is free of sludge doesn't necessarily mean that the oil pan is as clean elsewhere. There is constant movement of the oil at the pump intake and sludge buildup would be mitigated by that. Elsewhere in the pan the oil is more static and sludge will eventually accumulate.

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