Re: Super 8 Oil Screen

Posted by glentre On 2022/8/10 17:04:06
Tim Cole,
Thanks for your reply. I was able to pry off the oil screen with picks as you suggested and it is perfectly clean. Just a thin layer of sludge on the inside bottom of the screen cap. With a finger into the oil plug hole, I found a tube shaped object lying loose in the bottom of the pan, about 3/4" in diameter and some 3" long. Can't tell if it's attached to anything. Using a boroscope, it looks like the object might be an oil pickup tube as it appears to have a screen around it but is difficult to tell. If it's a screen, it looks completely clogged. Can you tell me what that object is and why it would be unattached on the bottom of the pan?

I appreciate any input you can give.


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