Re: Super 8 Oil Screen

Posted by glentre On 2022/8/12 11:59:11

Tim Cole wrote:
Are you sure the tube shaped object isn't the float for the oil level gauge? Packard couldn't make up their minds on how to do it so they dropped it in 1936.

Thanks for your input.

The car is a 1935 1205 with a '36 engine and it does not have an oil level gauge. For fear of breaking something, I did not pull the oil pressure unit totally out of the side of the block but was able to determine when I moved it, the mentioned loose tube in the bottom of the pan also moved. So, I assumed they were connected but perhaps not if that tube had a wire coming out of its end that might have caught on the oil pressure mechanism.

Still at a loss to understand what that tube is and if nobody chimes in by tomorrow, I will be moving on to fill the engine with oil and fire it up.


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