Re: Need ‘40 super 8 generator over night

Posted by Joe Santana On 2022/8/13 14:31:38
Thanks for all the suggestions. I especially appreciate the Packard guys I contacted who looked thru their own inventory for me. My system is Autolite btw. I have a brand new alternator in Oregon, if I were to switch over. I thought a generator would be readily available, but it’s an assumption like the availability of 6v red top Optima batteries. No got.

The voltage regulator was fried, for some reason. My Sis sent a new one overnight and I installed it this morning before I left Stone Harbor NJ for Potomac MD, a 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive depending on traffic.

I bought a Napa 7204 6v in Villas nearby and installed that. Then I charged the battery that got me to Stone Harbor as a backup to the new battery. That new battery got me all the way home, including a stop for gas and lunch, and restart. A total of 4 hours.

I haven’t checked the charge on the new battery since I got home. I’ll consult the training/repair manuals to diagnose the problem, but I feel I’ll be making a trip to Parkton to see Ross Miller.

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