Overdrive Governor Adjustment

Posted by Jim Kavanagh On 2022/8/27 16:00:05
My '41 has both Electromatic Clutch and OD. Both work well. Recently, the OD stopped engaging.
I found that the EC wire on my governor was quite loose. It is held in by a long screw with a bolt that tightens the wire. I tightened both the screw and the bolt to secure the wire. That did not help. I changed out for the governor on my spare OD, which works, but the weights are different and the engagement speed is way too low.
I came to think I maybe got the screw in too far and shorted the points.
One of my manuals says to test the governor by hooking up a test lamp. The lamp should light at the EC terminal and not the AD terminal. So, I did that, screwing in the screw only until I got the EC terminal to light the test lamp. The AD terminal does not light it.
That too does not work once in the car (with the original governor and correct weight set).
Doesn't appear to be a good way to test the AD engagement out of the car.
Any thoughts on why this doesn't work once I get the test light to light?
The Electromatic clutch does work with either governor.

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