Re: Overdrive Governor Adjustment

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/28 10:55:26
Found a couple of forum references including one on the Stude forum that said the majority of speedometers of that era were calibrated to require 1000 RPM to read 60mph. If this holds true for Packard (and I do not know if it does because there were two or three other common RPMs used) then it is a starting point and if it is a straight linear ratio I would say for a reading of 20mph it should need around 330 RPM.

You could run the governor somewhere in the 300-350 range and adjust the screw so the contacts switched. Try it out and if not where you want it at least you would know what RPM you used and a good guess as to the RPM needed so you could readjust for the OD to come in at the speed you want.

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