Re: Sorry----282 with manifold water leak

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/14 16:49:57
One possibility if the leak is not horrendous is get one of the radiator sealants that circulate in the water and see if that will do its job and find the leak. Believe it is a sodium silicate type sealant that once they find the leak and are exposed to the proper conditions get hard and permanently seal the leak. GM dealers used to use and keep in stock special sealant tablets for that purpose when problems with one notorious leak prone block casting came thru the service dept. Been several years since that issue so maybe no longer a thing they stock but could be worth a try. I can't think of the name of the stuff but there was a discussion here several years ago and maybe someone else will remember what to look for.

If leak is too large and that would not work, another relatively easy and maybe quick thing to try would be to remove the stud and if possible, the sleeve to try again with a different sealant. Coat both thread sets with some type of fairly heavy consistency heat resistant sealant and install again to see if that will stop the leak. No idea how hot the block will get in that area being next to the manifold but with the water jacket maybe no so bad that a Permatex product good to 400 degrees could work. If not, McMaster-Carr has various thread sealants good for higher temps.

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