Re: Deleting oil filter on a 39 six?

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/14 9:14:09
I would verify the tubing size. I cannot speak to 1939 engines but Packards from 1940 on used 1/4" steel tubing for the oil filter and pigtail lines. If the earlier block casting is the same I expect 39 did too. The tubing ID may be close to 3/16 but believe the common name description when buying goes by OD and is 1/4" tubing.

In either case, Napa (and most other parts stores) has both 1/4" and 3/16" precut lengths of brake line tubing. Napa lines used to be coated steel but with the current description of "Max Flex Alloy" Napa may have changed to a modern easier to bend cupro-nickel tubing. If you do buy precut they are often on a self serve rack at the local store. If so tubing gets mixed up and labels torn off so be sure to get lines with inverted flare compatible ends and US threaded nuts, not something mixed in that is metric with a slightly different end.

No idea of the distance between ports on the six engine but on later eight engines, with some creative less tight bends than the stock lines had, a precut 8" length of tubing can be used to make the pigtail. Longer precut lengths are available as is bulk line where you can buy the nuts and cut and flare the tubing to make whatever length you need. Copper tubing from the hardware store is also an option.

If the 39 block has the usual 1/8" NPT threaded ports you could also change the fittings to get an angle that will allow an easier or more convenient route to accommodate a precut length.

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