Re: No Optima 6 volt batteries to be found

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/9/22 16:43:05
Summit Racing has best prices, overnight shipping, for Optima Red Top 6-volt. (800) 230-3030. 800 cold cranking amps.
Weight is the enemy in any car. Got nearly a decade from my last Optima in my '47 Super (356-ci nine-main engine w/ gear reduction starter), know of a fellow who got 14 years in his '41 Cad, and of a Cad V-16 getting by just fine with an Optima. Some folks run two, which is ridiculous, unnecessary.

Packard didn't make batteries, so don't fathom the love affair some have for heavy, off-gassing traditional batteries, but if you're concerned and take your '28 Six to a battery show, Jim's Battery Manufacturing (800) 426-7580 can supply fakey do covers and no one will be the wiser, if judging and chasing points important to you.

Amazon also has good prices on Optima, but they are a vile organization, treat their employees like dirt:

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