Re: No Optima 6 volt batteries to be found

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/9/23 15:56:15
Dr. Cole gives his usual experienced advice. Absolutely. Optimas like a slow, steady charge; don't get them hot.

An Optima tech suggested a CTEK UC 800 6V
charger, which i got. It's been perfect for the past 24 or so years. Shows orange when charging, green when charged. You can leave it on 24/7 week after month with no concern about overcharging.

BTW, if you're not driving your car for months at a time, it's a good idea not to just to blip the ignition to keep corrosion from the connections to the starter, to jounce, rock the car up and down for the shock seals, but also, as an Optima tech suggests, turning on your head and/or driving lights for 25-30 minutes, running the battery down, then immediately charging it. In other words, occasional deep cycling is good for any battery, traditional wet or Optima spiral wound matrix.

But never allow any battery to sit depleted, which fosters sulfation, death knell for any battery.

However, if you're home, best to drive your car once in a blue moon, even if, like us in the greater Bay Area, you have to get up at 5am on a weekend to do it, such is our hellish,unrelenting traffic, the nation's worst after only LA.

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