Re: No Optima 6 volt batteries to be found

Posted by Joe Santana On 2022/10/5 9:40:15
Thanks, Don. Great suggestion for someone who doesn’t have a way to charge. I have a vacuum that plugs into the cigar lighter and needs 12v Neg. I’ve had this converter in there for 10 years and works fine. Also I’m not that ingenious.

I’ll put something between the red and black jumpers. Thanks, Dave. I wouldn’t want any more trouble with batteries. The cables that connect the batteries +pole to +pole and — to — are heavy duty. The small gauge wires for the converter and charger I will insulate further. I have rubber under the hold-down cross piece and a rubber grommet on the hole in the floorboard where the charge wires come up top. The tops of the Optima batteries do not touch the battery box lid, but I have insulation on the underside of the lid and rubber caps on the 4 battery terminals. I’m doing this setup today before leaving for Hershey. I have an acid battery in the car now. Because I’ve had battery problems lately, I’m bring two extra acid batteries with me. One is sold.

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