1942 One Eighty Front Coil Springs

Posted by John Koziol on 2022/9/22 11:35:58
I own a 1942 Packard 180 Touring Sedan with Sidemounts. I am considering replacing my front coil springs because they are sagging a bit. I have access to a new set of front springs for a 1941 Packard 160 with sidemounts. Does anyone know if the springs are the same for the 1942 180 vs 1941 160.

The Packard Data Book for 1941 shows a 1875x95 Rated Coil for 1941 160 & 180. I do not have a Data Book for 1942. If someone does, it'd be helpful to know the coil spring rating for my Model 2007.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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