Re: 640 running too rich

Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/9/25 20:25:17
That's about all you can adjust on that unit. If the car is running rich at idle there is blow off tube that is supposed to prevent that. If it is clogged the idle will be rich.

The next area is the float. When those needles and seats become worn they are a problem. The needle doesn't seat and gas flows all over the place. As well, sometimes the float doesn't seat because it hits the cover. And if the seams crack, the float fills with gasoline and doesn't.

Next is fuel delivery. That carburetor is designed for the vacuum tank. If that isn't being used a needle and seat designed for non-gravity feed needs to be installed.

Is Classic Carburetors in Arizona still around? The only other source I knew isn't alive anymore.

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