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Posted by John Harley On 2022/11/21 16:26:17

I had a 1941 160 sedan for about 5 years that needed more help than I could afford to give to it. It was painted an attractive, plausible but unauthentic color. The original upholstery was under much needed seat covers. I spent a lot of time trying to guess what the original colors swere. On this site you will find the parts book, dealer book and dealer bulletins for 1941 . They all have color schemes but they do not re not exactly agree. . The color schemes for the open cars' paint, interior, and top are fairly specific.

The 41 and 42 Packards were available with a few "Riviera" combinations. The interior does not have the traditional wood grain and broadcloth, but interior paint , plastic and two tone interiors coordinated with the exterior paint color. I have seen this on open and closed cars.

The Orientas 120 convertible coupe is one of these. I last saw it on line maybe 8 years ago located in Illinois .

Jack Behn's 180 formal was sold to someone in Ohio, I remember seeing a picture of that , too. 39Packardsix will remember that Jack let me drive it partway to the centennial in 1999 on Route 80. It was dead silent and smooth, the only way to tell the speed was to look at the speedometer. Jack was not a slow driver.

Nils Skog's wagon has changed hands a few times. The last time I saw it was ago the Greenwich Concours about 10 years ago. I surmise it wa for sale as it was being driven a restorer who also sold cars.

I moved the 55 clipper for Rocky one time at a show. The car behaved as if it was an electric, it was absolutely smooth and silent. After Roy Beavers owned, It was sold to another member of the Eastern Packard Club , who bought a number of EPC cars and moved to Oklahoma. He was killed in an accident maybe 3 years ag0 and a lot of them were auctioned off in the last year or 18 months


John Harley

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