Re: 41 Front End Suspension

Posted by Gar On 2022/11/29 10:52:38
I talked to both DB and Coker today. The nomenclature for the true modern vs modern like is a bit different. Smaller section width is better...

A 800r15 has a section width of ~8.0"
A 820r15 has a section width of ~8.2"
A 235/75r15 has a section width of ~9.4"

So, if I go with a 800r15 the tire height increases by just .5"; that will give me a narrower bulge width of ~1.4" (side to side) or ~.7" further away from the tie rod.

Looks like the 8x0 series is the way to go.

Thanks again for all of the input!


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