Re: 115-C Brake Parts

Posted by tsherry On 2022/11/23 22:28:28
I bought all four at Napa, but only have the rear cylinder numbers. I did have to use an adapter fitting on the rears for sure though, as the female connector on the newer casting did not match the male fitting. I bought the adapters at O'Reilly's.


For the fronts, I'm pretty sure I had the Wagner originals and took them into the NAPA warehouse (we have a regional distribution center here, LOTS of stuff) and they matched them up. The cylinders were about $10 ea. Replaced all the hoses at that time as well, which was more of a chore.

I did the rebuild kit on the master cylinder; my 115c had been sitting for a decade and the brakes were a mess. Was able to hone out the master cylinder for acceptable use though.

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