Re: 115-C Brake Parts

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/24 12:04:51
No idea if the rear cylinders with proper size tube ports for the larger Packard tubing are are still made so that will be for someone else to say. For whatever reason Kanter could not supply any for my 47 so they chose to ship adapters along with new cylinders as part of a full rebuild kit. Adapters threaded right in on both sides and only added about 1/2" in length which was easily taken care of with a slight rebend of the tubing ends where it comes up from the top of the rear axle.

Probably because of the way they mount the 47 master was also not available anymore but Kanter had those repro'd some years back and was a perfect fit. I think yours may be the same style if not the same master so probably also NLA.

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