Oil filter sealed cannister

Posted by CCR On 2023/1/5 22:58:50
Somewhere I saw a link where someone had taken the smaller sealed cannister type oil filter and was making a twist off top to be able to replace with cartridges. I don't remember if they were still making and selling them but it seemed like a more affordable easier to replace option (at least for my '39 Packard Six). Hoping someone can point me back to the location or similar setups. (I have sealed replacements and a few sites to get those so I am good on that front.)

On a side note, I happen to have a couple of vintage cartridge housing types that I need to trade/sell if anyone is interested. My acquisition of those may or may not have anything to do with not paying attention during a purchase for fitting my car. :) Free tip: Don't buy stuff late at night while multi-tasking.

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