Re: Fasteners

Posted by DavidPackard On 2023/1/27 11:11:39
Kev if you’re looking for bolts with an integral ‘washer’ they are known as flange bolts. McMaster-Carr has such in various strengths, material, and thread configurations. Depending on which you select the package quantity is 5-100. I’ve also purchased them at the local ACE Hardware sold individually. They had a black oxide finish.

I’ve also put a black oxide finish on hardware store bright plated bolts. That process starts with a soaking in Lysol toilet bowl cleaner ( 9.5% hydrochloric acid ), and once the bubbling stops a quick rinse in hot water followed by a few minutes in Caswell black oxide solution. The final step is several coats of preservation oil. I think the oldest set of hardware that I’ve treated is about 10 years, and there is no hint of corrosion (rust). I’ve also treated a few sheet metal wing nuts for the battery hold-down on my ’48, and they are equaling doing well.


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