Re: 1939 Six differential Flange gaskets

Posted by Bob J On 2023/3/17 21:13:03
Have not opened up a Packard, but I have seen that on other brands and it is common. Its purpose is to allow gear fluid that comes into contact at the bearing to run down and return to the sump down the axle casings. Remember at speed the gears and axles in the rear end are causing a great deal of turbulence coating the entire inside surface with fluid. If the scuppers were not there undo pressure would overwhelm the axel seals and cause leaks out through the outer wheel bearing area. That said, as I opened with, I have no personal experience with your rear end. It is likely no hole is needed in the actual gasket and the scupper is just there to drain any fluid in the area. Someone with actual knowledge and experience can guide you on the gasket issue.
Bob J.

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