Re: 1939 Six differential Flange gaskets

Posted by Ross On 2023/3/18 7:18:31
On your car there are inner seals to keep the gear oil away from the wheel bearings which are grease packed. Further out there is a seal to keep the grease from migrating out onto the brakes. The drain holes are to keep excess grease from being forced out. As the cars age, it was also quite common for the inner seal to leak gear oil outward, particularly if the car was parked on a slope. The drains kept it off the linings.

So in normal servicing I am always careful to replace the inner seal and to clean and pack the bearing. I hardly give a thought to the outer seal unless it is garbage. Don't neglect to set your axle end play while doing this job and you won't need to think about your rear axle for a very long time.

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