Re: Manifold Heat Valve

Posted by su8overdrive On 2023/5/18 0:17:23
I got a NOS spring from Merritt for my '47 356 in the early '90s. Michael Grimes there is a prince, most helpful.

I got John Kepich to make a new stainless steel manifold heat control thermostat spring cover at that time, since the original tin covers typically rust.

Work graphite powder into each end the best you can with some kerosene. The kerosene will burn off, leaving the graphite.

The gents above are right. Don't use WD-40. It's good for many things, but not a universal panacea. It was originally developed for things like IBM storing complex Executive Model B/D typewriters with u n i t spacing. It was the 40th attempt, hence the name. WD-40 is a moisture dispersant, not a lube. However, an old auto/aero mechanic/machinist taught me you can sometimes use WD-40 or an extremely thin oil to "draw in" heavier oil to some bit needing lube.

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