Re: Concerning Bubbles & Vapor Lock

Posted by TxGoat On 2023/5/18 20:28:01
The car is a '37 120 C. I think the fuel pump shield is suppoed to be the slanted type like in the lower picture. I'm going to try making a heat shield for the glass bowl filter out of a bean can. I think I can fit the can over the filter and secure it with a wire tie. I'll glue aluminum foil to it for maximum heat rejection. The fuel line from pump to carb looks like the one in the picture except it is coverd with the woven material. I may try wrapping it in foil also. The line from the pump back to the tank appears to be totally stock and in good shape. It may be possible to make a shield for the carburetor out of a can or a piece of sheet metal. It could be secured to the air horn screws.

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