1941 Clipper Badge

Posted by CCR On 2023/11/21 21:09:07
I was looking to better identify the proper badge replacement for what is missing on my car. From the best I can tell, though searches prove to reflect inconsistencies, the Clipper name was not on the front doors in 1941 (no holes or patched holes best I can tell on mine but as I noted I sometimes see Clipper on 41/42 pics-- added?). On some trunks I see "Packard" but running upward from bumper to center. Based on my car, it looks to me like mine likely had "Packard" and "Clipper" on the trunk (high on outside, lower to center). If anyone has any photos of another 41 or examples for comparison please share. I've seen some "Clipper" badges for sale but being in pairs says "doors". Thanks.

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