Re: 1941 Clipper Badge

Posted by su8overdrive On 2023/11/22 20:57:37
Just an idea. Since you'll be repainting your '41 Clipper anyway? why not fill in the holes and skip the body script? The 1946-47 Custom Supers showed Packard still grasped understatement, less is more, by deleting same on the side of the body/front fender, and the 1948-50 Custom tubs omitted Packard from the trunk lid.

You've got the debut model of arguably Packard's last understated design with an international mien, free it from those nervous tics. You never saw body script on Bentleys, R-Rs, Lagondas, Delages, Hispanos, et al, and Packard through the '40s still had a refined, overbuilt chassis equal or exceeding any of them.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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