Re: 1929 6-33 fuel issue

Posted by ‘29 633 Mel On 2023/11/26 21:22:51
Thank you for the info. I am very much in the ‘keep it original’ camp. I am just completing an off the frame restoration of a ‘38 Dodge Coupe and went through great lengths to bring it back to ‘off the floor’ condition. So I am firmly in that camp.

The Packard is a rescue vehicle in that I observed the vehicle being left outside for almost a decade (sometimes with a tarp, sometimes not), and decided to contact the owner before it degraded too far. I now have the vehicle and am trying to get it running again, so it can be passed onto a new owner who will truly appreciate the vehicle. The ‘38 ate up my reserves, so keeping the Packard would be a shame as it would simply sit in the heated garage and not be enjoyed as it should.

I appreciate the info, and hopefully the next owner will do what I would’ve liked to have done - bring it back to ‘off the floor’ condition.

Thanks again


Ps, if anyone wants a 1929 633 7 passenger touring that is in a 6/10 condition, I am open for a discussion.

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