Re: 1941 120 3 Speed with Overdrive Wiring?

Posted by 1941Packard On 2023/11/26 17:29:34

Packard Don wrote:
If so, there would be a valving device mounted to the rear side of the head on the drive side through which the throttle linkages go. If fully installed, there would also be a large diaphragm also on the driver’s side mounted low on the engine which is what actually actuates the clutch and a relay on the firewall that is large like a voltage regulator but with eight terminals.

Your photo, however, clearly shows an overdrive transmission as the solenoid and governor are there but not enough to see if it also has Electromatic. Overdrive and Electromatic were each available separately but when used together it was the closest Packard had in that era to an automatic!

Ah OK..I don't think I have that then..

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