Re: 1941 120 3 Speed with Overdrive Wiring?

Posted by HH56 On 2023/11/26 17:39:13
As Don said, a couple of fairly large components on the side of the engine are needed to operate the clutch. Add to that, on your first photo, 7228, of the governor there is only one wire showing. If the car has an Electromatic clutch there would be a second wire on the governor so unless it is broken off I doubt the car has that option.. There would also be two switches on the transmission mounted on the side of the case opposite the shift levers. I did not see any wires going that direction.

Packard apparently did not provide actual photos of the engine showing the 41 EC components in manuals but there is an overall illustration of what you would see mounted on the engine and on the firewall in a 41 Service Letter.

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