Re: 443 high oil pressure - cause for concern?

Posted by TxGoat On 2024/2/19 20:04:01
The oil pressure is not a problem. Assuming you are using an appropriate oil for the conditions, higher oil pressure usually indicates the engine is in good condition.

Normally, carbureted cars will run richer at higher altitudes, not leaner. There is no need to use the choke once the car has been started (cold) and run a few minutes. There is rarely any need for the choke in warm weather or if the car has been run in the last hour or so.

I have no idea why using the choke would affect the oil pressure, as long as the engine speed was held steady.
The choke is used for cold starting, and it is good practice to open the choke as soon as the engine will allow it, and open it fully as soon as possible and leave it open.

That is a beautiful car.

Operating instructions and service information can probably be found for your car in the Literature Archive section of this website, and original advertising material is likely available there, too.

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