Re: 443 high oil pressure - cause for concern?

Posted by TxGoat On 2024/2/25 19:34:58
It looks as if your indicated oil pressure is very close to spot-on, with around 20 PSI at idle and around 50 PSI at higher speeds when first started, and dropping by 10 to 15% with the engine warm. I wouldn't touch it.
It looks as if what you are seeing with the oil pump outer cover off is the oil screen assembly. It should be removable for cleaning. I don't have any direct experience with that type pump. I suspect the screen assembly is held by friction and secured by the pump cover, but I don't know for sure.
I doubt if it needs attention based on your oil pressure readings. A clean engine using modern oil is not likely to need regular attention to the oil screen, as was the case in earlier times.

"medium cylinder oil" corresponds roughly to SAE 20 oil of high quality.
A quality multi-grade detergent oil will give excellent service in a old engines that are in good condition. A 10W30 oil, either "conventional" or synthetic, should give good results at temperatures from around 10F to around 90F. In very hot weather, or with a worn engine, 20W50 usually gives good results.
Modern motor oil offers superior lubrication under a wide range of ambient conditions and is far superior to the best oil available prior to WWII.

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