Re: Part identification - 39 Six

Posted by CCR On 2024/3/18 20:40:31
My cowl is currently "loose" as I took it apart in the Fall for a new gasket (still need to finish installing). I don't believe there was anything but the 3 or 4 bolts/nuts.

On the throttle, unless there are 2 springs in the chain, the one "similar" on the right side near the carburetor is still in tact.

As to the clutch, b/c of my drive I would assume I would have been unable to shift, etc. or would have noticed on the drive.

The brake suggestion may be the most likely. I usually back out of the garage and and stop to warm the car up in the area where I stumbled on the spring later. Sheer dumb luck I found it, much less when it was getting dark.

Thanks again for the direction. Hopefully I can take a look this week and confirm what I find.

If it turns out to be brake related then I'm glad my paranoia of never "parking" the car perpendicular to my pond exists, otherwise I'd have a wet Packard.

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