Re: 1947 356 engine

Posted by Bob J On 2024/4/20 10:57:26
I do not have that engine, but a tube in that area is usually used for a vacuum tap to run a wiper motor or a reservoir tank for a brake booster etc., could that be it? The vacuum line for the distributor advance usually comes out of the carburetor, but that may be another use too, but the angle of the line suggests it is heading down and into the cab's firewall area to a wiper motor line hook-up. The plug on the end is definitely aftermarket and being used to shut off the line to avoid a leak into the manifold that would cause poor engine performance. Does your car now have an electric wiper motor? This would result in the line being an unnecessary adjunct.
If that is the case, I suggest removing the line completely and threading in a brass pipe threaded plug into the manifold, a much better seal for the engine, and set the line on the shelf in a labelled bag if the next owner wants to replace the wiper motor back to vacuum.
Bob J.

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