Re: 1935 1202 sedan engine rebuild

Posted by Digger Dave On 2024/4/22 11:01:30
I have a few thoughts and cannot confirm that my car is all original, but the coil is different and mounted to the side of the water jacket cover. I'd love comment on whether that's original or not. This car may be original on this point. My coil is a round, later model unit, and is atop the engine next to the distributer. The upper water neck is pointed straight up, vs mine is pointed at the radiator. Lastly, older motors tend to leak, but an oily or wet area above the valve adjustment covers are concerning. Check to find out if it's using water. a cracked cylinder block can be expensive to find and replace.

Also a warm oil sample will tell you a lot.

What area are you? I have done my 35' 1202 engine at a shop in Campbell, CA.

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